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PhD in Economics | Certified in Data Science | Passion in Life | |
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my happy place

Personal Data Science Projects

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Twitter Analysis
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • Visualizing the Dilemma in…

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Data Science, Data Visualization, Programming

my first for-fun data science project

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part 1: preprocessing text data

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Making Sense of Big Data

Using seasonality indicators or Fourier analysis

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Part 1 — explain the algorithm in detail

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Nail the data science interviews with confidence, part 5

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Based on my 7-month job hunting experience

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Data Science, Education

Discussing the benefits in seven aspects based on my personal experience

The program

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Getting Started

a step-by-step tutorial for one-sample and two-sample mean, proportion statistical inference

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controlling the virus or maintaining economic growth

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